Top tips for losing and maintaining weight

The average male needs around 2500 calories per day and the average female around 2000. In order to lose around 1lb of body fat per week you need to either eat around 500 calories less than this per day or alternatively you can burn an extra 500 calories on top of your current activity level.

  • Aim to feel satisfied, not stuffed – try eating just one plate of food and don’t go back for seconds

  • Start your day off right – don’t be tempted to skip breakfast. If you have a healthy breakfast in the morning you are less likely to want to snack later

  • Never shop when you are hungry

  • Avoid multi buy deals at the supermarket – these might seem like a good offer but you are more likely to eat more

  • Eat a little Slower – it takes time for our brains to register when we are full so try to eat more slowly and give yourself time to recognise when you are full.

  • Don’t mistake thirst for hunger – if you feel hungry have a drink of water instead of eating and wait at least 30 minutes before eating as it is more likely you were thirty rather than hungry

  • If you over indulge – cut back on your calorie intake for a few days and be more active