Weight Management with Fitness Together

Weekly diet sessions, private coaching, eating plans and resources, we support you the way you need. At Fitness Together we believe in helping people achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle. For some people that will be mean exercising regularly. For others it will mean becoming aware of what they are eating and making healthy choices that will benefit their bodies. For others it will mean losing some extra weight. Whether you feel you need to drop just one dress size or whether you would like to shed a few stone, I can help you to do it. Through a combination of sensible eating plans, tailored to your needs, and fun exercises we can help you to shape up and slim down to a healthy weight.

Resources, meal plans and recipes

If you are thinking of starting your own weight loss journey, please download and fill in our diet and activity sheet to help you identify the changes you need to make. If you come to class, you can bring it with you and we can look at it together.

We can provide you with lots more resources, meal plans and recipes to help you on your weight loss journey. As an example, you can get FREE access to our 1 week detox plan right now! It's a great way to get your body ready for dieting or just to do when you have over indulged at Christmas or on holiday. With a list of foods to include and avoid during the week, along with great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also snacks, it's a fantastic way to get starterd! Just visit my 7 Day Detox blog page for more details and the FREE detox plan resources!

And if you enjoyed doing this, why not get exclusive access to a private section on my website which contains my other diet plans and weight loss information. We have information, resources, recipes and meal plans for a variety of diets including:

  • Fitness Together's 'Kick Start Your Diet' Plan

  • Fitness Together's Calorie Controlled Eating Plan

  • GI Diet

  • 5 to 2

Exercise with Weight Management Sessions

You can combine any of our exercise classes with a weight management session. When you sign up for an exercise class with weight management, you will receive:

  • a weekly weigh-in before or after every exercise class

  • personal advice and guidance to help you on your journey each week and keep you motivated

  • help with setting achievable, steady weight-loss goals

  • advice and information on a wide range of different eating plans

  • exclusive access to a private area of my website where you can find more information on a range of diets, tools and resources to help you begin your journey and meal plans and recipes.

  • a diet pack with portion control pots, pedometer, measuring tape and downloadable meal plans (when choosing the Calorie Controlled Eating Plan)

  • support and encouragement from fellow class members who are all on the same journey as you!Loss Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

Not everyone who wants to lose weight likes to come to an exercise class or join a weight loss group. And whilst we all know that having the support of friends and family whilst trying to diet is really important, it can be a luxury we don’t always have.

That’s why I regularly work with clients on a private individual basis, helping them with their weight loss. Through weekly one to one coaching sessions and on going support, I explore with clients the reasons behind their struggle with their weight, and work with them to find practical, manageable strategies to change their eating habits and achieve their goals. Through lots of listening, regular weight monitoring, practical advice, and tons of encouragement and motivation, I support my clients every step of the way!

Weight loss coaching is personal and individual. I create my coaching plan around your unique needs and preferences, from designing a diet which suits you and your lifestyle to creating a support strategies that suits you. It might involve regular friendly face to face sessions, or weekly phone coaching, or on-going support via email or text. The choice is yours. So you can enjoy weightloss coaching in Reading and the surrounding areas, or more remotely if you live further afield.

So if you feel like you can’t do it on your own, need help to identify ways to eat more healthily or just need some encouragement and motivation, contact me. Sometimes, all it takes to succeed is knowing you have someone supporting you, that you don’t have to struggle alone.

Fitness Together Weight Loss Philosophy

We are all individuals, so what works well for one person will not necessary work well for all. For that reason I do not advocate a ‘one size fit’s all’ diet. Instead I offer a range of eating plans, accompanied by sound dietary advice and on-line tools to help you choose the right plan for you and your lifestyle. I am happy to support you in any healthy weight loss plan that you choose to follow and will inspire you with sensible and achievable goals. We are here to support you every step of the way. Please call or email me today and lets get you started!

Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

It has been proven that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is by making good lifestyle changes. In order to keep off the weight you lose with any diet program, changes to your eating habits must be maintainable in the long term. I ensure that any diet plan you chose is accompanied with advice and knowledge so you understand the affects of your choices on your health, well-being and weight, even after you have achieved your goals. I also aim to help you make regular exercise fun and uplifting so it becomes part of your normal day to day life, long after you have reached your ideal weight. Many of the people I help to lose weight continue to enjoy coming to my classes long after they have reached their ideal weight goals.