I just thought you might like to know that I got on my scales this morning and I weighed in at 9 stone! When I started your classes on my scales at home I was 10 stone! So I am really pleased – this was my goal weight for my holiday to Egypt, which I go to on Tuesday! I know I only do one class a week, but it has made a difference as it has made me strict with myself because of the things you tell us, combined with the exercise. I cut out sugar – I don’t drink so much, and I eat smaller meals. So I hope I don’t put a stone back on holiday – easily done – I will try and do some walking, and a lot of swimming. But it is an ‘all inclusive’, so I think a few pounds might go back on – but at least I know I can do it now – with a little help from my friends! Don’t miss me too much – it will be fun when I get back and you have all started a new routine, with my two left feet trying to catch up!


I returned to Sedge following a serious mental breakdown. My psychiatrist discharged me in June 2012. During my illness I put on 3 stone. It took me 6 months to wean myself off all medication. Once I had achieved my goal, it was then time to focus on getting back into shape.

Sedge has been a tremendous support and has encouraged me throughout my journey getting back into shape. She is both inspirational and incredibly loyal to all her ladies and has now become a dear friend. I am currently weighing 11stone 10lbs so still have weight to loose. I would like to get to 11stone but can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I could never of achieved what I have to date without her support. She has been the angel strapped firmly under my wing, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I have proved that you can achieve your goals following a serious illness, it is all about state of mind. With the right support ladies you can achieve anything.

Emma H

I've suffered from ME for 15 years and am just getting back on track. I wanted to get fitter but needed someone to help who understood the illness as energy levels can differ and I hadn't exercised for a loooonnnnggggg time! I've known Sedge for many years through kids but not seen her for a few years. I contacted her and explained what I was looking for. She has been amazing! She's flexible with class times and researched and really looked into my diet & exercise needs. Sedge not only made it fun and addictive she just has this energy that makes you smile even if you're knackered! I now do personal training and diet (weigh in) with Sedge once a week and she has motivated me so much. I love it! I've started running and exercising most days. This would so never have happened before. So to cut it short, Sedge is amazing! A smiling happy person with a magical inner spirit that just draws you in and fires you up to want to join in. Mind you, if you slack she will kick your butt to keep going which is what we all need!

Richard M

Sedge is a bundle of energy that gets you moving and working no matter how motivated you feel. The classes she runs are very open and welcoming and she creates a supportive atmosphere that encourages you to join in no matter how tubby and sluggish you are.

Joanna A

I popped along to my first class with Sedge just over 10 years ago, after a leaflet was dropped through my door. I just wanted to find a local keep fit/aerobics class that would be fun & that I felt with I would feel comfortable in without my matching leotard & legwarmers! Well it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. Sedges classes are brilliant fun, they leave you sweaty and smiling! There is so much choice too from dance aerobics, to Zumba! Including HIIT & boot camp for all early birds on a Sunday morning! It doesn't matter what level of fitness you are there is something for everyone & in every class you just work at your level. I have made such great friends too and everyone is made to feel so welcome!

I wouldn't be with my dance aerobics which is my particular favourite with a great, new routine every 6 weeks.

Thank you Sedge for being my motivation & inspiration to get fit & for that happy feeling!!!! Better than chocolate!

Karen H

Been with Sedge for 4 years, her classes are very professional and if you want to get fit and loose weight, you cannot find anyone better!

Julia T

If you want to feel motivated to lose weight and get fit come to Sedge's classes. You always go home with a smile, meet new friends and have fun. I have been going 17 years!!!

Debbie K

Have been going to Sedges classes for over 10 years. Her classes are fun,energetic and motivating! She treats everyone individually and you are able to work at whatever level suits you. She supports you in your diet and gives you encouragement to help you achieve your goals.

Kim M

I have been with Sedge for over 16 years and have enjoyed every minute. Classes are friendly, fun and informative and I couldn't imagine keeping fit with anyone else!

Abida K

After suffering renal failure for years, I was lucky to receive a kidney,  a new lease of life, but had gained so much weight which I thought I would never lose. Then I started Sedge's classes and have since shifted  most of my weight. Sedge is absolutely amazing she is full of energy, enthusiasm and fun therefore all your worries get left at the door,  great classes love you Sedge, thanks x

Ruth U

I've been working out with Sedge for 10 years now and still love it! Classes are fun, very lively and there really is something for everyone - believe me I've done them in all guises; as someone new to fitness, as a fitness enthusiast, whilst I was pregnant and as a post baby mom keen (but a little nervous!) to get fit again. Sedge is always updating her offerings which is great as you get try different and new forms of exercise and therefore are bound to find something you like - and let's face it, you'll only stick with it if you like it! Most importantly though, Sedge offers a personal touch that I have never received elsewhere. She makes a point of knowing everyone in her classes and has a genuine interest in understanding your goals and motivations and then helps you to achieve them. She's a great teacher and once you start you get hooked!

Anita G

I have been attending Sedge's classes since 1996 and it is part of my week. I love the class- it's vibrant and fun and Sedge is the best aerobics teacher I've ever had. I hope to still be there in 10 years!

Laura D

All of Sedge's classes are amazing! She cares about every member and there is always a friendly atmosphere.  Her classes are fun and challenging as Sedge is an incredible instructor who is motivating, friendly and energetic. I love her classes!

Nancy J

After 3 years of classes with Sedge Gooding I am 5 stones lighter; 50 times happier and 500 times fitter - have also made fabulous friends and a whole new social life!

Classes with Sedge are super fun and so addictive! She is full of energy and her happiness is infectious. I look forward to my next Zumba and HIIT class as soon as the present class is over! Sedge makes me want to dance all day long. Sedge is the most inspirational teacher in more ways than one. So if you haven't already come to her classes you're missing out!